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Have that person in your life that you just don’t understand? You know the one. They insist on reading (& talking of course) about how every single thing in the known universe operates. They listen to TED talks and the “How I Built This” podcast. They even make espresso at home! Well, we think those people make gifting difficult and we’re proposing a simple 2 step solution:
Step 1 = choose 1 or 2 bags of espresso a month, easy peasy
Step 2 = choose Neon or Bear Hug or a bag of each, a Neon Bear of sorts
And now your done. Energize their inquiry.

12 oz bag of espresso, price includes shipping.

Select 1 or 2 bags sent each month for 6 months.

1 bag selection = choose between Neon or Bear Hug
2 bag selection = 1 bag of Neon and 1 bag of Bear Hug

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