Dogwood Coffee Company is a small, quality-focused roaster based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Winnipeg, Manitoba. We concentrate our efforts on developing relationships in the sourcing process, learning about and executing the craft of roasting, exploring the science of brewing and creating fun, welcoming and not-too-serious places to share our coffees with others.


OCTOBER 2010, Dogwood Coffee Co. is born when a group of us working together in coffee wanted to create something new, a company where we didn't have to buy or roast anything we weren't super excited about. We wanted to approach the business of coffee without compromise, and be a part of the growing community of specialty coffee.

NOVEMBER 2010, Dogwood Uptown opens in Minneapolis rocking an early model Synesso Hydra, Marco Uber Boiler and 2 Clovers, also including a fair amount of The Smiths and Lady Gaga on the playlist.

EARLY OCTOBER 2014, Dogwood East Lake opens in Minneapolis, complete with an immaculate 1971 Sno Jet Snowmobile hanging off a wall and a custom hot pink Synesso. This location is Dogwood’s first that also includes beer and wine.

JANUARY 2016, Dogwood Canada will open for business. Through a true partnership with some amazing coffee folks and friends, a new roasting and training center was built in downtown Winnipeg to participate and support the coffee community there.



Dogwood Coffee Company exists to support and spread the enjoyment of delicious coffee. Our participation is rooted in relationship, cultivated by discipline and grown through original expression.

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