Toddy Home Cold Brew System


  • Toddy Home Cold Brew System
  • Toddy Home Cold Brew System
  • Add empty 32oz Zamboni bottle

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We are big advocates of the toddy cold brew system if you wish to drink your coffee cold. ‘Tis the season! This home system is great for those of you who want the freshest toddy possible, and to have complete control over the variables. To brew at home, you’ll want to use one full bag of Zamboni Cold Brew ;) grind for a coarse setting, and steep in 7 cups of cold, filtered water overnight in your refrigerator (about 12-14 hours). The result is a cold brew of roughly the same strength that we use for the concentrate that we make in-warehouse and sell locally. So, if you’re not local and you still want some tasty Zamboni Cold Brew, here’s your solution!

The box tells you a few interesting things, one is that it produces a cup with lower acidity. This is actually true. HOWEVER, it also tells you that you can heat it up and drink it hot, and we really don’t recommend that for maximum deliciousness. Something just isn’t right when you do that… it tastes like (duh) hot cold brew, and a little bit like crayons. That goes for all kinds of cold brew re-heated, not only the Zamboni.

Pick up some of our Zamboni® Cold Brew blend, which is sourced and roasted specifically for the toddy style brewing method. Go even further and pick up an empty bottle so you can store your brew in great style.


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