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  • We are finding flavors of juicy black raspberries, honeybush tea and panela sugar. 

    This small lot comes from the Nyamasheke district in Western Rwanda. Gatare is the name of the washing station that collects coffee cherries from close to 2,000 farmers. This particular lot is grown around 1700 masl and is 100% heirloom Bourbon variety. This is also a natural process coffee, which means the seeds have been dried with the whole fruit fully intact. This is a clean cup with notes of Dried Berries, Sweet Clove, and Honeybush Tea

    Special Special denotes a small lot of extra special coffees either by rarity, variety, or processing.

    Available in 12oz bags.

  • Washing station: Gatare 
    Producers: Around 2,000 farmers  
    Region: Nyamasheke
    Altitude: 1700 masl
    Variety: Bourbon
    Process: Natural process 

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