Western Honduras 2012-2013 Harvest

Written By Stephanie Ratanas - July 02 2013


April 24 2015

In the late 90s I was a Peace Corps volunteer in La Mohaga, 10 kilometers up the hill from Belen. Thanks for the report here. When I was there, just 16 years ago, there were no cars in La Mohaga, and I was there when electricity came to Belen…which meant TV. If you think Belen’s quaint now, imagine what it was like before the sound of TV, and then, of course, the Internet. Anyway, if you make it up to La Mohaga, there are some great farmers up there. Tell them Jason says hello.

Peter Terry
August 05 2013

I just came from Honduras for a medical mission trip and brought some coffee back. My brother’s in laws operate a children’s home and ministry there and have open my eyes and heart to many of the economic issues of Honduras. I found out about you all from a free local magazine in one of the Coffee shops and was so happy to find out that a coffee company so close to me is investing in Honduras since often I cannot find many coffee beans from there in American markets. I do think that what you are doing is raising the standard of living in Honduras and I plan to order from you in the future (after I am done with my current batch of coffee). I actually never thought I liked coffee until I had it in Honduras on my first trip there years ago. Thank you for your investment there and making Honduran coffee available to me in the Twin Cities!

Olvin Rodriguez
July 17 2013

Hi Stephanie , I’m so glad for your comments about Honduran Coffee , and for your interested to have a relathionship with the farmers directly, this is so important for the economy and give us the support to stand in the business . I’m a producer from another department of the western of Honduras , called Santa Bárbara , My family has be in the Coffee business for almost 100 years, I’m the 4th generation working in farmers, and it allows to develope the economy of our families during all this time , we are working with Catimor, IHCAFE 90 (café 90), Lempira varieties . This three varieties had so many goods things : more resistant of the leaf rust (this fungus) , hightly producers and consistant in the production , and those are so important for the producers to allow the costs for mantain and harvest the farm , mainly in this past season that the international price fall down. We hope that this year the international price go up , for can stand support the farms and continue in the business . As a producers we don’t have any help from the goverment, the programs are so difficult to join and just a few of producers can take it. We are so happy for people like you that travel to the littles town to know the farmers. We are near to star the harvest for this season in October, and we are really interested to send you samples of our Coffee, and can be part of your suppliers . Do you have any list of parameters of quality in the process of the Coffee to be aligned within? Regards from Honduras , Olvin

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