Switching it up in the bag world.

Written By Stephanie Ratanas - April 19 2012


May 30 2012

Glad to hear you’re bringing down the size to 12 ounces. I’ve always had difficulty going through anything more than that before the coffee got stale so this works for me.

April 25 2012

Thank you for your transparency with this change! I love good coffee, but I hate feeling like I’m being ripped off, especially without communication. Even with the price increase, the coffee is more than worth it!

April 19 2012

I started buying beans from Dogwood in Oct ‘11. That involves special trips every couple of weeks to stop by the store. It’s worth every mile, penny, and minute spent to have that delicious cup at home. Whatever changes occur, I’m sure it’s the best for both roaster and coffee lovers.

Keep up the awesome work you guys.

P.S. Loving the Brazil right now.

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