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Dogwood Coffee

ETHIOPIA<br/> Reko
  • ETHIOPIA<br/> Reko
  • ETHIOPIA<br/> Reko
  • ETHIOPIA<br/> Reko
  • ETHIOPIA<br/> Reko
  • ETHIOPIA<br/> Reko
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Heavy floral notes, lemon-lime soda and sparkling melon juice.
The Reko washing station is named for the nearby mountain and village in the Kochere region. The station collects cherry from about 1500 small holders at 15 collection stations in the area. The coffees that contribute to this lot are grown between1800 and 2050 meters and are a blend of various heirloom varieties that lend to the wild, floral and effervescent characteristics we love from Ethiopian coffees. This is the third year we’ve offered coffee from the Reko washing station, and it hasn’t let us down once. This particular lot is part of the Operation Cherry Red project, which supports growers to produce higher quality for a better price through pre-financing, new equipment and education.
Washing station: Reko 
Producer: 1000ish small producers  
Region: Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1850-2100 meters 
Variety: heirloom varieties
Process: fully washed and sun dried 
Green storage: grainpro 

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12 ounce bag 


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