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Roasting and Shipping Schedule!

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We roast for online orders Monday-Thursday, and Friday if it works with what we are roasting. Everything is roasted to order, which means we don't keep roasted inventory here and your coffee gets to you as fresh as possible. If you place your order before 9 AM Monday-Thursday, your order will get roasted that day and shipped out that afternoon or the next day.



If you are a local customer and you are choosing to pick up your order at our warehouse in northeast Minneapolis, you will need to pay for the regular shipping, and shoot us an email (either reply to the confirmation email you receive or email orders[at]dogwoodcoffee.com) and we will refund the shipping money after you pick up your order. This is the only way we can offer local pickup, thanks for understanding! You will receive an email when your order is ready to be picked up. Please do not come before you get this email because we likely haven’t roasted your order yet. We roast for online orders Monday-Thursday (and sometimes Friday but not necessarily). The day your order gets roasted depends on the time of the day you place your order.

Pickups happen at our warehouse/roastery/international headquarters in northeast Minneapolis. We are at 1209 Tyler Street NE, suite 150. We are just northeast of the corner of Central and Broadway. Our main door is around the back. We are open for your local pick-up between 9am and 4:30pm Monday-Friday!


We don't roast on the weekends, so orders placed after 9 AM on Thursday generally won't get roasted and shipped until the next week.

We use USPS flat rate boxes for orders. These are based on size, not weight, so it's a little difficult to find out how much can fit in a box if you get a lot of odd shaped items (brewing equipment etc.) That being said, sometimes its better to add some stuff into a box to get your shipping money's worth. For example, if you buy a Clever Coffee Dripper, which is smallish but doesn't weigh much, you could also buy a bag of coffee and filters without paying more for shipping.

Here is an idea of how the shipping goes for coffee only:

1-3 12oz bags: $5.35 (flat rate envelope)

4-6 12oz bags: $5.44-$9.88 (Regional A box)

7-9 12oz bags: $7.36-$10.65 (Medium flat rate box OR Regional B box)

10 bags and up: $14.97

If your order is $100 dollars or more, shipping is free!

Click here to get a general idea of how much shipping will cost for your state.

Some items are either oddly shaped, or won't ship safely in a padded envelope, so shipping may be more. The Jennings scale, for example, is not necessarily heavy, but because it needs to ship in a large flat rate box because of the size, shipping is a bit more. We are working on exploring other shipping options to make items like this less expensive to ship, but right now the flat rate box system is what we're working with.

Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions about shipping. info[at]dogwoodcoffee.com


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