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Aeropress Brew Guide

There are many different ways to brew with the Aeropress®, which is one of the reasons we’re such big fans! This virtually unbreakable brewer is also a great travel companion because of its durability, brewing forgiveness and quick cleanup.

We’re giving you two sets of instructions here for a single and double cup Aeropress. The first set of instructions are precise and measured, while the second set is more relaxed and doesn’t require a scale or exact measurements for when you’re off the grid.

You will need:

  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress filter
  • Kettle with filtered water
  • Grinder (burr-style)
  • Delicious, freshly roasted whole bean coffee from your friends at Dogwood Coffee
  • Timer (your phone stopwatch app works great!)
  • Scale with a grams setting (optional)
  • A spoon, butter knife, chopstick, or the stir stick that comes with the Aeropress.

How much coffee/water/magic should I use?

To create one 8 oz cup of a delicious brew that doesn’t need to be diluted, use 16 grams of coffee and 240 grams of water. If you don’t have a scale handy, use one leveled scoop (the one that comes with the Aeropress) of whole bean coffee and pour the water until it reaches the middle of the #4 mark to get a similar ratio.

If you’d like to brew coffee for two or more volume for yourself in a single Aeropress you absolutely can—that’s part of the magic! Use 20-40 grams of coffee and fill it with water to the #4 mark. When you plunge, you’ll get a delicious coffee concentrate. Dilute the concentrate by adding hot, filtered water from your kettle. Use the coffee to water ratio you prefer and keep track of how much water you used for brewing. Add the remainder of the water to the finished concentrate, we recommend a 1/15-1/16 ratio of coffee to water. For example, to brew a 1/15 ratio, use 20g of coffee, 300 grams of water. Around 200 grams of water will fit in the brewer for the extraction and the remaining 100 grams of water would be added to the finished concentrate. You can also totally eyeball it and add filtered water to taste. No matter how much coffee you are brewing in the Aeropress, as long as you have an accurate grind size, the pressure aspect of the brewer will extract the coffee well with varying coffee to water ratios. 

Grind size:

The grind size should be fine—think beach sand that still has a little grit to it when rubbed between your fingers. You’ll know your grind size is close based on how long it takes to plunge the coffee. If the grind is too coarse, the plunge will be too quick. If the grind is too fine, it will take a long time and be difficult to push.

** Use a burr grinder! Consistent grind size is one of the most important components to an even extraction and is most easily achieved with a burr grinder. A spice mill style blade grinder will not only give you a variety of particle sizes leading to uneven extraction, it will also be impossible to replicate the grind from brew to brew. Check out the Porlex Mini Mill for an affordable option that's great for travel (and an arm workout!)

Ok, I’m ready, now what?

For a single cup Aeropress:

1) Boil your filtered water in a kettle (or a pan over a campfire!) The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is between 195-205F. Since we will be rinsing the filter first, there will be just the right amount of time for the water to cool down to the desired temperature.

2) While you’re waiting for the water to boil, weigh out 16 grams of coffee and grind it in your burr grinder.

3) Remove the filter holder from your Aeropress (the black cap thing with holes in it), place the little circle filter inside and screw it on the brewer. Set this part of the brewer on a mug, filter end down.

4) When the water boils, remove it from the heat and use it to rinse the filter and heat up your brewer. Fill the brewer about half full and let it completely drain into your mug. Discard the rinse water. (Don’t forget! Brewing coffee into your rinse water is the saddest.)

5) Place the mug with the brewer on top on your scale. Add the ground coffee and tare. The Aeropress comes with a funnel to help navigate the coffee into the brewer successfully. Get your timer ready.

6) Start the timer and pour the water onto the coffee quickly until your scale reads 240 grams. Give the slurry a quick stir, being careful not to scrape the filter. Insert the plunger of the Aeropress, working it into place just slightly into the brewer. Pull up a little to create a vacuum seal. A little coffee will probably have dripped through the filter into your mug, which is nothing to worry about!

7) After one minute, apply firm, even pressure to the plunger until you hear a hissing sound. The plunge should take 15-20 seconds. If it’s very difficult to push or it takes longer, try coarsening the grind. If it’s very easy to push and takes less than 15 seconds, you’ll want to fine the grind.

8) Your coffee is done! Remove the Aeropress from the mug, twist off the filter cap and use the plunger to shoot the puck of coffee out into the trash/compost/garden.

9) Enjoy your delicious coffee!

To make an Aeropress for two, follow the same instructions with these changes:

Follow steps 1-5, Use 40 grams of coffee. You will need a slightly finer grind size for a 2 cup Aeropress, so it will still feel sand-like, but with a little less grit.

6) The water you add to brew should be approximately 175 grams. This will reach the top of the #4 mark on the Aeropress and be very full. Give the coffee-water slurry several careful stirs back and forth, being careful not to scrape the filter. You want to ensure there are no dry clump of coffee grounds, so 10 solid stirs in both directions is great. At the 1-minute mark, give one more stir and insert the plunger carefully, working it into place just slightly into the brewer. Pull up a little to create a seal.

7) When the timer says 1:30, apply firm, even pressure to the plunger until you hear a hissing sound. The plunge should take between 25-30 seconds. If it’s very hard to push or it takes too long, coarsen the grind. If it’s very easy to push and takes less than 20 seconds, fine the grind. Be very careful when you push, there is a lot of coffee in there so it will be a slow and steady process.

8) Pour the concentrate you’ve created equally into two mugs, and then dilute with water to taste. We recommend 425 grams of additional water poured into the total concentrate. Enjoy!

For the portable, simplified version of these instructions, download our Aeropress Brew Card. 

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