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  • Ice, Ice, Baby || How to make delicious, cold coffee!

    There's a good chance that where you are, it's summer. We put together a little tutorial for you on some ways to make refreshing coffee for yourself at home. Do see.


    Iced Aeropress

    Since the Aeropress easily brews a delicious concentrate, it is one of our favorite ways to brew iced coffee by the cup!

    To brew an iced Aeropress, you will follow the same instructions as the hot Aeropress, the only difference being that you will split the water ratio into part hot water and part ice to create the same water total.

    While the normal hot ratio is 20 grams of coffee to 300 grams of water, this recipe uses 175 grams of hot water in the brewer and 125 grams of ice placed inside the mug or glass that you will plunge the concentrate onto, creating instantly iced, delicious coffee.

    This ratio of hot water to ice will melt all of the ice in the brewing process, creating the same coffee to water ratio of the hot brewed Aeropress, but will be nice and cold! You can drink it straight, or serve it on the rocks. If you’d like to try this same ratio for other amounts of coffee, use a little less than half the water amount in ice form, and a little more than half for the hot water. Play around with the ratios, since the Aeropress is a great brew method to experiment with! Using a 50/50 hot water to ice ratio will yield a stronger brew without the need to add ice cubes.


    Iced Chemex

    The Chemex is a fun way to brew iced coffee by the cup with just a few adjustments to your regular method!

    First, you’ll want to do a smaller coffee to water ratio than if you were brewing it hot. We use a ratio of 1:11 for the iced Chemex.

    Second, the grind will need to be a bit finer than for hot brewing. You’ll be running less water through the same amount of coffee, so having a slightly finer grind will allow you to extract all of the tasty stuff out of the coffee.

    Third, you’ll need some ice! The weight of the ice will be included in the water portion of your 1:11 ratio. Put a bit less than half of the water weight in ice form inside the Chemex itself and the remaining weight will be hot water used to brew.  

    To brew two 10 ounce glasses of iced coffee, use 60 grams of coffee, 260 grams of ice inside the Chemex and 400 grams of hot water for the brew.

    Follow the usual steps for brewing a Chemex, but after the filter is rinsed, you’ll need to carefully remove the wet filter to dump the rinse water and fill the base of the Chemex with the 260 grams of ice. Replace the rinsed filter into the Chemex, making sure the thick side is against the spout, fill with the ground coffee, and then follow the rest of the brewing steps 400 grams of hot water.


    Home Toddy System

    Cold brewing coffee is an easy, simple way to create a large amount of delicious coffee concentrate that will last a week or two in your refrigerator!

    The things you will need:

      • A Home Toddy System, which includes the brewer, felt filter, cork, and glass draining pitcher OR a large jar of some type and some cheesecloth, a nut milk bag, or a very fine mesh sieve
      • Burr Grinder
      • A 12oz bag of delicious, freshly roasted Zamboni® Cold Brew from your friends at Dogwood Coffee (Or a single origin of your choosing)
      • A measuring cup

    Cold brewing is incredibly simple! Here are the instructions for brewing with the Toddy System:

      1. Place the cork firmly into the drain hole on the outside of the Toddy brewer to seal. The cork should be visibly sticking out of the brewer towards the counter.
      2. Place the seasoned* felt filter into the bottom groove inside the brewer.
      3. Grind the entire 12oz bag of coffee on the coarsest setting your grinder has, directly into the Toddy brewer.
      4. Measure out 6 cups of cold, filtered water and pour it onto the coffee.
      5. DO NOT STIR! Stirring will cause the felt filter to clog in a devastating way, and will seriously slow down the drain time.
      6. Brew for 8-12 hours in the refrigerator. A super convenient way to do this is to start the brew before bed and drain in the morning!
      7. To drain , hold the brewer over the glass carafe and carefully remove the cork. Set the brewer on the pitcher and let it drain completely.
      8. Dilute the final brew 50/50 with filtered water, or use the milk of your choice instead to make a delicious cold brew latte.
      9. Fully rinse the felt filter and store in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Toddy recommends getting a new filter every 3 months, or after 10-12 uses. 

        *Be sure to soak your brand new filter in water before use to season. If you use it right out of the box, the draining process will be painfully slow. Put the filter in a cup of filtered water in the refrigerator for a day before brewing to prepare.

    For the same method using a simple jar and filter, follow the same instructions. Grind the 12oz bag of coffee on the coarsest setting directly into the jar, pour 6 cups of cold, filtered water onto the coffee, you can stir if you’d like.

    Brew overnight in your refrigerator for 8-12 hours. Use the nut milk bag, cheesecloth, or fine mesh sieve to filter the grounds from the brew. This method will create the same delicious concentrate as the Toddy brewer!


    Have Someone Else Make It For You

    Lastly, if you don't want to do any of this and you're local to the Twin Cities, you can pick up a lovely mini growler of Zamboni® cold brew concentrate we brewed for you at any of our coffee bars!

    Happy brewing!

    ZAMBONI and the configuration of the Zamboni® ice resurfacing machine are registered as trademarks of
    Frank J. Zamboni & Co, Inc.
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