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  • Dogwood Holiday gift guide!

    Let’s face it, most of the gifts you get for your loved ones are kinda lame. This year, if you really want to impress, get your people something from Dogwood Coffee. We have several gift options that are 100% just wonderful!

    Important! The last day to order roasted coffee to be in your hands by Christmas Eve is December 18th by 9AM CST. We will be roasting and shipping coffee on Monday the 21st, which is the last shipping day for USPS, but we cannot guarantee that coffee will be at the post office by the end of their operating day.

    Snow Emergency coffee + enamel mug gift box

    This is a very attractive presentation of one of our enamel mugs and our seasonal holiday blend. Certainly, seeing one of these under the tree will make the mistletoe activate and your children believe in Santa.

    Coffee subscriptions

    These babies have historically been one of our most popular holiday gifts! What is the best thing about this gift? It’s that it keeps on giving for the next six months. If you really want someone to be reminded of you and your awesome generosity the first week of every month, this is the ticket. Or, treat yourself and be reminded of your own awesomeness every month. You go girl!

    Dogwood Coffee/Sanborn Canoe Adventure Pack

    If you were hoping for the ultimate gift for someone who loves camping, or travel of any type, this is it! In partnership with Sanborn Canoe, we’ve put together a kit with everything you need to make coffee on the road. Inside a custom made Duluth Pack waxed canvas bag you will find:

    • Aeropress + accessories
    • Porlex hand grinder
    • 1 Dogwood Coffee enamel mug
    • 1 Sanborn Canoe enamel mug
    • Sanborn coffee paddle (cute!)
    • 12oz bag of Dogwood Coffee
    • Aeropress brew guide

    All you need to do is find a hot water source and coffee excellence will be yours in the mountains, out on the lake, in your fancy hotel room or in the back of a cargo van. People will be saying, “Geez I feel terrible and I need coffee—holy crap, what is in that really cool Duluth Pack?” and then you’ll be saying “Awesome shit from Dogwood Coffee and Sanborn Canoe! Let me show you!” after which you’ll brew them a cup of coffee that will save the day.

    notNeutral mug

    You know you’ve seen this sleek mug design somewhere, and when you did you knew you wanted it to say “Dogwood Coffee” on it. Well, you’re in luck! Designed by our own Kevin Boettcher and guaranteed to not only increase cool factor but to keep your coffee liquid contained in a place for easy drinking, as opposed to drinking it out of your hands or off the floor.

    Knit Hats

    Everybody loves these and it’s damn cold outside. Clearly, this is a good gift. We have four, yes FOUR different color options, two that read “Neon Espresso” and two that read “Dogwood Coffee.” The chances of you purchasing the perfect hat for your coffee loving friend here are between 25 and 100 percent.

    Roaster’s Choice Box

    There are a lot of different kinds of coffees, how do you choose just one? You don’t have to! The Roaster’s Choice box comes with four cute miniature versions of our coffee bags in a lovely little box and a super cute holiday postcard.


    So. Get your act together and do your holiday shopping with Dogwood Coffee before it's too late and you're totally screwed and end up looking like a jerk when you see your family and friends! 

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