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    Our campaign is now closed, but you can still donate to Charity Water to support continued work for clean water in developing countries: http://mycharitywater.org/dogwoodcoffee2012.


    Here's just a bit from our Charity Water page:

    Public giving can be an awkward affair- but in some cases it makes sense to bring giving out into the open. That being said, our company has been a member of 1% for Humanity, and has incorporated funding humanitarian-based not-for-profits since our inception. For us, this is a commitment that keeps larger priorities and issues in front of us. It keeps us aware of a humanity broader than the one we experience on a day-to-day basis. No pride, no badges, no guilt here- just a simple, proactive way to keep others in view and to help as we are able.

    SO…we like people, you like people, and some people in Ethiopia need clean water. Let’s work together on a simple, attainable goal of building one well for a community that needs it. Our $10,000 goal will build this well, and provide clean water for around 500 people for at least 20 years (on average). This means less waterborne illness and death, and frees up valuable time for productivity and education in these communities.

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