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  • Switching it up in the bag world.

    Breaking news!

    We are raising our prices slightly and switching to 12oz retail bags for all of our coffees! Why are we doing this? Keep reading.

    1) We've been undercharging for our product for too long. For a specialty roaster of our level of quality and dedication, our new pricing will be on par with roasters similar to us, and if anything, still slightly under. We don't have a fancy graphic detailing all the costs that go in to a bag of coffee, but here are a few to give you some perspective:

    • Green price: As we develop more and more relationships, we're actually paying more for higher quality coffee from people we respect and care about. Buying our raw product isn't about getting a good deal, it's about working with great people to get great coffee and paying a fair price for it. We want to continue to be able to pay more than fair prices and continue to be able to roast really delicious coffee.
    • Cost of travel: When we have a direct relationship with a producer, our goal is to visit them every harvest.
    • Cost of freight: We have to pay for the coffee to get to one of the coasts of the US from the country of origin, and in some cases that's really far away. Once it gets to the contiguous 48, we pay freight to have it shipped to Minneapolis. We're in the middle of the coasts so it's pricey wherever it's at.
    • Roasting weight loss: When coffee is roasted, we lose 17-21% of the original weight. So, in reality if we're buying a coffee green for 5/lb, we're actually buying it for 6/lb. 
    • Roasting process: The cost of our roaster is a significant cost to us, both the initial cost of the roaster, as well as the utilities needed to run it. 
    • Labor and experimentation: We have awesome people who spend a lot of time and energy making sure we are learning our coffees and roasting everything as well as we can. We take samples and taste every batch and we run test batches before we release a coffee to get going on a profile.
    •  The bags: We want our coffee to be protected after it's roasted, so we use some pretty high quality bags. The presentation of the coffee we're so proud of is also important to us, so our labels are a cost to us as well. (They are letterpressed by Studio on Fire! 

    2) With the prices increased, that puts a bag of our coffee at a per unit cost that's a bit higher than most people are used to. In actuality, they are used to it if they buy from other specialty roasters, but most other roasters do 12oz bags or something similar. It's much easier for someone to buy a "bag" of coffee at 15 dollars than to spend 20 dollars but get a bit more.

    3) 12 ounces is a pretty good size. We've had a decent amount of people asking for half pound bags, so 12 ounces is smack dab in the middle. For many people, a pound is too much to go through before the coffee gets stale (we recommend using it within 2-3 weeks). Coffee isn't meant to just be thoughtlessly guzzled, it's just too delicious for that!

    So, hopefully you're all on board with what we're doing and understand why. We truly appreciate your loyalty and adventurousness when it comes to buying and drinking coffee! If you have any specific questions we didn't answer here, feel free to shoot us an email at info@dogwoodcoffee.com.

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    • Jon says...

      Glad to hear you’re bringing down the size to 12 ounces. I’ve always had difficulty going through anything more than that before the coffee got stale so this works for me.

      May 30, 2012

    • Karl says...

      Thank you for your transparency with this change! I love good coffee, but I hate feeling like I’m being ripped off, especially without communication. Even with the price increase, the coffee is more than worth it!

      April 25, 2012

    • Bryant says...

      I started buying beans from Dogwood in Oct ‘11. That involves special trips every couple of weeks to stop by the store. It’s worth every mile, penny, and minute spent to have that delicious cup at home. Whatever changes occur, I’m sure it’s the best for both roaster and coffee lovers.

      Keep up the awesome work you guys.

      P.S. Loving the Brazil right now.

      April 19, 2012

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