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  • Dogwood people, coming and going.

    If you frequent our coffee bar and haven't noticed already, we have some new faces around here!  We are excited to have some awesome new people on our team, but are also super sad to see two of them go.

    Christopher Oppenhuis, former roaster and current barista, will be moving back to his original dancing turf of Chicago with his lady where he will be experiencing new, magical roasting fun and hopefully getting back to a healthy diet of Chicago style hot dogs and tacos.

    Maria Driscoll is moving to NEW ZEALAND.  No, really!  Wow.

    These two were also Dogwood's first competitors!  Super exciting and we're very proud.

    I am personally saddened to see these two go, since I have known them both for 7-8 years, before we made coffee together.  I'm not sure exactly where Christopher and I met, but undoubtedly it was in some basement in Chicago over a case of PBR and some punk/noise/hardcore.  It's a little blurry.  Maria has been a close friend of my family for many years and has been with us and supportive over some difficult times.  I will dearly miss working with both of them, but I'm also excited for their future adventures.

    Our new Dogwood Coffee people are Kristin Clarke, Holly VerHage and Liz Elton!  Check out the "people" section for bios, Liz's coming soon.




    Cheers, stephanie


    • Christopher and Maria meeting cute cows at Autumnwood.
    • Maria doing some training and sharing intricate coffee secrets (jk)
    • Christopher and I pulling shots at Studio on Fire's open house.
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    • Christopher Oppenhuis says...

      Oh my..Your making my eyes juice

      December 30, 2011

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