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  • Review: Aeropress!

    Tips from Keith Mrotek!

    The aeropress is awesome for a few reasons:

    • It travels very well
    • It doesn't break 
    • It's one of the simplest brewers to clean 
    • It can make great coffee
    • They're great for at home use because grind particle size shouldn't clog the filter
    • They make a relatively forgiving brew 

    The aeropress is bad for a few reasons as well

    • It's plastic
    • It has a weird design
    • It can't brew very much coffee at once 
    • It cannot make great "espresso coffee"

    Of course note should be made that these are the opinions of one person. So they are by no means fact.

    I ignored this brewing device for the longest time because a) it's plastic and b) maybe obvious maybe not, but it looks like a piece of paraphernalia in more ways than one. Using the clever brewer to great advantage allowed my opinion on plastic brewers to not only change but become a favorite because of what it allows them to do i.e. on/off valve in the clever and threads in the Aeropress. Though a glass or stainless Aeropress would be pretty rad.

    On the package it notes that it is intended for or rather makes great espresso coffee. This is silly for a few reasons. No brewing device will make great espresso coffee except for an espresso machine. That's OK. Maybe it makes great Aeropress coffee. It does. But to say that it creates something else is simply false.

    The Aeropress can make fantastic coffee if used correctly based on the coffee you're using. The best way that I've found to use it according to my taste is based on a recipe that I heard of from one Tom Baker who dwells in San Fransisco, CA. For more on Tom, please follow him on twitter @maximumgrindage he's lovely. His recipe is as follows:

    18.5g coffee, paper filter grind
    300mL water (202 degrees approx.)
    300 ml (= 1.26802585 US cups,
    Using the device right side up, (this means with the filter locked in place, face down on the cup) place coffee within. Add water slowly so that by the time it's full, it's 300mL. If you do it fast it's only 260/280.

    What I've deduced using Dogwood Coffee is to use a paper filter grind, that a prewet for 30 seconds using 30mL of water, then slowly pouring until roughly 1:30 adding the lid to create a vacuum until 2:00 then plunging slowly until 2:45 works great!

    For another approach to the Aeropress, using it the other way (meaning, creating a chamber with the plunger, with the filter attachment side up, then attaching the filter and flipping) see our tip sheet here.

    And of course-- always check out www.brewmethods.com for awesome videos and tips on all home brewing devices!

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    • Andy says...

      I love that you carry the cup conversion out to the hundred-millionth decimal place.

      February 27, 2012

    • Paul Trumm says...

      I have used the Aeropress both ways that you described. My current method that I like is to use it right side up with a metal disk that I received from Coffee Adventures and use less coffee, about 9 grams. I use about 360ml of water. The first 180ml goes through like a drip maker and the second 180ml goes through after about 1 minute using the plunger on a 45 sec press. Try it!

      December 18, 2011

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