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  • Oh Canada

    We are excited to announce that Dogwood Coffee will be expanding our roasting operation to Winnipeg, Canada later this year.  We are partnering with our good friends from Canada and look forward to growing the reach of our coffees and increasing our commitment to our talented and tireless producers at origin. This is not about USA doing business in Canada. This is a true partnership between friends in the US and Canada equally together doing something together that we could not do apart.

    We spoke to the folks at Sprudge who can fill you in on more of the details here.

    This is my first blog post on this here website, so perhaps an introduction is in order. My name is Nils, and I am writing on a keyboard in Winnipeg Canada (I opened Parlour Coffee in 2011 which is how I eventually became acquainted with Dogwood). For many Winnipeggers, the 7ish hour drive to Minneapolis is a welcomed and enjoyable task. I have done the trip dozens of times to see a band, visit the Walker, have a pint at Bryant Lake Bowl, or eat at Bachelor Farmer. In recent years, that trip has been to visit friends at Dogwood. I look forward to many more trips to the Gopher State, but I'm equally as excited to show Minnesotans the sights and sounds of our One Great City - Winnipeg. 

    Welcome to Friendly Manitoba. We're not all hosers.


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