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        Well, we thought it would be fun to show some pictures of the all the work we've been up to building out our new roastery, cupping lab and training center.  We have leased an old warehouse space in the historic FROST building in NE Minneapolis.  It used to house a company which made varnish by boiling linseed oil.  We looked high and low in MPLS for our space, and once we saw this place, we knew it was our new home.  As many young companies do, we put A LOT of elbow grease into our space.  Our great landlord Hillcrest Properties delivered the shell space to us and we built out the rest.  We (primarily Stephanie) also refurbished (understatement) and modified a used Probat G25, bucket loader and afterburner with the help of Tracy Allen and the legendary Marty Curtis.  So, we hope you enjoy the photos of our progress and we are proud to finally be settled in our new home.  Stay tuned, rumor has it there may be a big grand opening/Dogwood's 1st birthday party coming soon.  

        So here's somewhat of a list of what was done: sort through 14 pallets of various intermixed roaster/afterburner/destoner/bucket loader parts and put all the pieces together, disassemble and scrape/clean entire roaster, modify burner system of roaster, soda blast all exposed metal, repaint roaster w/ electro magnetic/high temp paint, flip roaster on it's back to fit in the door by 1" margins, cut afterburner frame and re-weld to lower 14", scrap all previous crumbling paint, install lights, heaters, water lines, power, water drains, triple sink, mop sink, hand sinks, ceiling fans, paint, seal brick, epoxy floor in roasting and bar area, venting/ductwork for roaster/afterburner, add new windows, cut out a pit in the concrete to drop the base of bucket loader in to make flush w/ floor, install & vent sample roaster, build bar and cupping lab shelving and tables (reclaimed 2 1/4" white oak from a previous wood road in mpls), setting up racks, moving in green coffee, putting together desks and furniture and hanging cardboard stag heads and prints from Studio on Fire and Aesthetic Apparatus, and move in (*then have to make a more modern fridge look like a robot because our original vintage 1930s gold fridge didn't work out so well).  We enjoyed the process, but needless to say, we're glad we're done and we aren't moving again...ever.

        Big THANK YOUs to our wholesale customers for encouraging and supporting us in the move and being patient with our increased "busyness" and transition, Charlie and Tim at Hillcrest Properties and their numerous contractors, Jeff Holmberg of Holmberg Design for his legendary work ethic, creativity and carpentry skills, Tracy Allen, Marty Curtis, Jon from Wood from the Hood, Brent, Gina & Tim at Espresso Partners, Launtia at Probat, Roy & his crew at R&R Rigging (they are amazing), Gene from Midwest Forklift, Marco Soda Blasting, Kevin at Advanced Coating Systems and his crew, Chris Monacotti, Twin City Mobile Welding, and Valerie at the Department of Agriculture.  Also, we really appreciate how quickly our neighboring businesses have welcomed us in: Handsome Bicycles, Got Junk, Frost 180, Modern Survey, Mercury Mosaics, and James Dayton Design to name just a few.  We are surrounded by many amazing, creative companies and we're looking forward to getting to know them all more.  

    We will be posting a video tour of our space next week, but for now...onto the photos:






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