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  • Dogwood St. Paul in Photos

    Photos courtesy of Jesse Michels, Nate Larson, and Dan Anderson's iPhone.

    Personality is often a theme I think about in regards to Dogwood. There is a lot of great coffee out there and a lot of great shops. At the end of the day, I believe perhaps more than our coffee alone, our personality is what brings and retains our customers, both retail and wholesale. Our personality is what we uniquely offer.

    So what is our personality? In my view, a collective personality is made up of a series of unique relationships built on a framework of shared values and experiences. So here’s how I see it for Dogwood:

    • Our cumulative experience strengthens our commitment to quality in coffee.
    • Our collective values include: people, quality, hospitality, humility, creativity, hard work, thoughtfulness, fun, collaboration, originality, generosity, teamwork, sustainability & hockey ;)
    • Finally, our personality is reflected in and through our relationships. From our staff to our producers, wholesale & equipment partners, and all the friends of Dogwood, we have a truly original set of relationships. These relationships reinforce and renew our experiences and values. Relationships are what I love to celebrate in our spaces.

    So, please enjoy the following casual perspective on our latest retail space and it’s expression of Dogwood’s personality. I’m really proud of this space, mostly because I look around and see relationships.

    Our third location and first in St. Paul - an old truck mechanic shop. Ben Levitz, a friend and the owner of Studio of Fire purchased the building and moved his business into this new location. Ben asked me about a year ago to put in a Dogwood, and many months and meetings later, we have arrived.

    Wood wall install - thermally modified red oak from our friends at Intectural in Duluth. No staining, no maintenance. The walnut tone adds the necessary element of warmth in such a large space. The reclaimed window on the right is 1 of 3 that looks into our neighbor, Studio on Fire’s production space. There you can watch an army of old Heidelberg presses marching in formation. Since our beginning, Studio on Fire has letterpressed our bags, business cards and occasional promotional prints like this Zamboni patent.

    Richlite - we built the bars, windowsills, ceiling beam and menu board using this eco-friendly material. Also sourced for us by Intectural, Richlite is a paper-based fiber composite surface. You may already know their sister company, Epicurean by their cutting boards made out of the same material. The letterpress in the picture was Ben’s first and is now on display in the entry.

    Found this matte Spanish tile and became obsessed with it’s dimensionality. Small area/big impact.

    We love booths. The space includes both 4-person and 2-person versions made by Loll. Loll (another sister company to Epicurean & Intectural) manufactures modern outdoor furniture from HDPE, which is recycled pop bottles. This picture shows the wood framing. Loll went above and beyond by designing and fabricating their first booths for us.

    Blu Dot Christmas! Blu Dot is a modern furniture company and a neighbor. Their headquarters are located in the same building complex as our roasting space. We worked with them on the soft seating, bar seating, and shelving. They make things look good.

    With an espresso blend named “NEON”, we figure we’d better make good on our word. This is Matt, our Neon man. He’s the only one in these parts that still works with Neon.

    Neon hockey sticks?

    A more finished picture of the space. You can see the Blu Dot soft seating, shelving and bar stools.

    Plates & Paddles - Look closely and you can see a series of vintage Canadian plates on the wall, gifted and representative of our Dogwood family in Winnipeg.

    The stacked canoe paddles on the wall are from Zak & Todd at Sanborn Canoe in Winona. Together with Duluth Pack, we collaborated on a dope camp coffee kit. Lift a glass to our friends with a drink called “The Camper” (espresso, milk, smoked hickory and maple syrup).

    Hand-blown glass light fixtures by Hennepin Made, Blu Dot walnut floating cabinets, barista by David, and Studio on Fire’s cards, prints, and other printed awesomeness.

    Need we say more? Rustica Bakery’s pastries and desserts have been adding to our waistlines since the beginning.

    My wife on a scissors lift, dusting the wall, because she’s that awesome. Angie was a huge supporter and refiner of the space.

    A family affair - Samuel (10) in the back wiping down tables, August (4) procured and tested the Snoopy book for the kid visitors (Charles Schultz was a St. Paul native) and Tate (8), happy to bring a friend after hockey to quality control the hot chocolate.

    Our beloved Synesso. Best machines ever. Silver glitter powdercoat. Milk by Daninger family farm Autumnwood. Maple syrup by local friends Camp Aquila. Bone white Acme & Co ceramics. Wall vinyl by Eddie Money.

    Bathroom 1 - silver glitter walleye! / Bathroom 2 - silver glitter cats!

    Pulling it all together.

    By the door, Saint Paul stands guard.

    Final touch, letterpressed napkins.


    Dogwood St. Paul is located at 825 Carleton Street, St. Paul, MN 55414.

    Our hours are:
    Mon - Thurs   7 AM - 7 PM
    Fri   7 AM - 10 PM
    Sat   8 AM - 10 PM
    Sun   8 AM - 6 PM

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